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A few weeks ago, I had injured a bicep on my right arm. Itwas hurting bad; I was introduced to Nova Vybe 1000mg CBD pain cream by a memberat my gym. I have been using it for couple of weeks. But I started to feel painsubsiding in few days. most of my pain is almost gone I’m able to move my arm morefreely. It is an amazing product

~Frank Herrera PTD La-fitness Agoura.

“. A friend of mine recommended this CBD sore and stress relieving gel to me after several failed attempts to find something strong enough. I used it on my neck and shoulder- it’s amazing how quickly it worked to relief my sore and achy neck. I highly recommend it, as I haven't been able to come across anything like this! It's not sticky or smelly ether which is such a bonus!"


Thanks, mike, for introducing me to your nova vybe 1000mg cbd cream for my shoulder. After having surgery, I thought it would never be able to work out again great stuff

~Rick kovac Calabasas CA.

I have been using the 1000mg CBD muscle & Joint for my lower back before I go to sleep, by the time I’m ready to sleep my back feels so much better that I’m able to fall asleep much easier 10/10!!!

~Elizabeth M. Newberry Park CA Trainer

~Brandon T


I agreed to write this because I haven’t been able to find any other topical product like this. I am not taking any Ibuprofen to manage my pain- I was taking up to 6 pills a day some days. My hands burn and hurt from many years in the construction industry and cold weather. My co-worker uses this cream, and has worked for him, I’m so glad I tried it.

~Michella Jenkins


I can’t believe how quickly this worked for me. I’m not sure what’s different but it works better than any cream I have every tried! Already reordered for my mother-in-law

~Lennard Gieck


I like this cream because it works fast, and isn’t sticky like the others I have tried. I get really great results with the 500mg.

~Audrey J


I put the Nova Vybe cream all over my neck, shoulders, hands and knee every night before bed. I used to have to apply my Bio Freeze throughout the night. Since my niece told me about this cream, it’s all I use, and it lasts me until the morning.

~Kay H.


Highly recommend this cream! We carry both the 500mg & 1000mg at our family pharmacy, it’s a hot item! Can hardly keep it on the shelves. I sent an email about larger orders- looking forward to your response!

~Keith Mason


I always thought CBD creams wouldn’t be strong enough for my wrist and elbow. This is the first one I’ve tried, it works wonders! No need to try other brands, im sold!

~Nick J.


I’m a fitness trainer and got put on to this by one of my clients. Now I recommend the 1000mg cream to almost all my clients! I was using straight Lidocaine which obviously isn’t good long term. I push my body daily always loved the natural relief from CBD creams. This one by Nova Vybe is def the best I’ve tried!

~Handy Andy


My go to every morning before work and right after dinner seems to keep me on top of my arthritis pain. Good stuff

~Joey Taliman


I really like the cream but for the amount I need, I wish it came in a bigger tube. I often have this issue, but so far this works the best. I use it all over my body and would like to have access to more.

~Frankie Olsen


I hate to say I was wrong. I haven’t had any positive experiences with topicals, and I can’t take edibles. I get immediate relief whenever my arthritis flares up. Im glad I got talked into trying the cream. I’m going to try the 1000mg next, the 500mg is great for every day.



Are there other products? I really like this product.

~Jamie Pearson


Wow! How come I only just discovered this product!! It’s AWESOME, never going back!

~Rosie Qi


I love the cream I use after working all day on my hands. It’s inexpensive and the best cream I try. ~Rosie Qi

~Patrick Evans


I know that there are several CBD products out there to be weary of. Without proper ingredients, there can be harmful side effects, so I consider myself a very selective and specific buyer. I am very impressed by this product, the quality and the relief that Nova Vybe provides. I recommend to anyone that is looking for a safe and effective CBD topical cream.

~Happy Consumer


Hi there, I am so happy with this cream I wanted to write a review giving it a 10/10!!!!!!! I wish I found this cream long ago; it’s been a long journey for me. I already told my family and friends however, I can support.