About Us

Nova Vybe one of the Most powerful 1000mg 1500mg of premium grade CBD Cream or roll-on gel for sore achy Muscles & Joints

Great Reasons Why Nova Vybe CBD is for you. Our product works for everyone, it used by gym trainers Athletes, that’s needs fast recovery after hard work out. Truck drivers, Office workers, auto mechanics, or anyone that’s just havening sore muscles joints from daily stress, activities, muscle stress, discomfort, before or after surgery. Our CBD for sore Muscle & Joint is one of the proven and most effective cooling & warming soothing effect Cream or gel. Our premium CBD & ingredients are lab tested in GMP certified FDA registered Lab.

Suggested USE: Pump a quarter size cream on the desired effected area and rub/massage into. for best results apply on clean dry skin,

Best time to use CBD Cream/Or gel it works for moderate to high sore or ache. of joints and muscles or most affected area of your body. You may use it before or after workout. to prepare for work out. After workout to get a relief from aches and sore muscles. Or whenever you feel discomfort on your neck shoulders back. Most people feel relief within 20-30 minutes.